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Hey Mom!


Khloe is a very intelligent and extremely affectionate mom. She thrives on human company and requires massive amount of love and attention. Not quite a barker but an absolute howler. She's a true digger and loves to create cool places to lie regardless of the weather.  Khloe is smaller in stature but much stronger than her appearance shows. She sports a thick double coat that appears to change from black to grey during colder weather.

Khloe is ACA registered

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Kilo is the handsome stout sire. A six year old Red Siberian husky. Adventurous by nature, Kilo loves to explore and can play fetch for hours. He has strong vocals and likes to lead the pack daily in morning howls. Kilo is extremely powerful during walks and demonstrates high endurance during trail hikes. His double thick coat is like a lions mane which serves his king demeanor 

Kilo is ACA registered

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