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"Huskies do best with knowledgeable owners who understand their unique temperament and need for physical and mental stimulation"

                                                                    -DR. Becker

Thanks for visiting our home.  Our family has been fascinated with this breed's unique characteristics and  personality so much that we decided to become owners and eventually breeders.  We are a family owned and operated Siberian Husky breeder and online supply shop in Philadelphia Pa.. Upon visiting numerous breeders surrounding the Philadelphia  area in search for our future fur babies, we noticed one apparent thing. Despite the suitable amount of space on farms these pups had been born into they lacked an intimate home appeal. The transition from farmland to homeland had an rehoming effect. These pups were raised among several litters and confined to kennels inside of sheds.  Without a doubt we knew we had to do better to provide better.  The decision to raise our fur family in a home setting made the rehoming transition seamless.  Your future pup will be raised in a familiar atmosphere similar to your home, familiar with the aroma from a kitchen and the sounds of neighborhood kids playing.  Because we raise our pups in family rooms and parks found this approach has made the difference we were hoping for, A loving happy pup lacking fear and anxiety.

Mission accomplished! 

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